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Free EpiPen Program for School Nurses

Mylan Specialty L.P. is excited to announce the program is continuing, EpiPen4Schools™, created to help schools have improved access to epinephrine in the event a person experiences a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) at school.  For a description and information about this program, please CLICK HERE.

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Epinephrine Resource School Nurse Program

About the program More than 100 Epinephrine Resource School Nurses (ERSNs) around the country. Provides professional development and technical assistance to school nurses and the school community related to epinephrine administration. About ERSNs Presenters of “Saving Lives at School: School Nurses Train Staff to Respond to Anaphylactic Emergencies” with content from our Get Trained program available…

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This message comes from Missouri KIDS COUNT.  It’s great to see other organizations recognizing the value of school nurses!   Click on the link to view the first article.  Sign up for their newsletter to stay informed. School nurses are instrumental in leading and coordinating school efforts to keep our children healthy.  Missouri KIDS COUNT wants to recognize the…

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