House Bill No. 646 “Youth Sports Brain Injury Prevention Act”

The purpose of this Bill is to protect kids from potential short and long term effects of concussions. It will apply to youth of all ages through 12th grade participating in organized sports for which a fee to participate is charged.  In addition, it calls for initial and continuing education for coaches in order to help them better recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion.  This Bill will also call for immediate removal of youth from play or practice when a concussion is suspected.  (MASN is in support of this Bill)


House Bill No. 239 Vision Examinations for Students

This Bill will require students entering kindergarten beginning school year 2018 to receive one comprehensive vision exam performed by a licensed optometrist or physician.  (MASN opposes this Bill).


House Bill No. 535 & 576 Motorcycle Helmets

This Bill will allow those over 21 to operate a motorcycle or motor-tricycle without a protective helmet if they possess insurance providing first party medical benefits in the amount of $100,000.00 for injuries incurred in an accident while riding.  MASN sent individual Representatives’ email address to school nurses, so nurses could individually send comments to their representative. (MASN opposes this Bill)


House Bill No. 761 Emergency Administration Epinephrine

This Bill will allow restaurants, recreation camps, youth sports leagues, amusement parks, etc. to stock emergency anaphylactic medication (Epi pens).  Ambulances will also be allowed to stock Epi pens.  (MASN is in support of this Bill).